• 2006 - Its Inception

    GRUPO 3PL was born in August 2006 under the name of 3PL Panamericana, to address an unmet need in the logistics operators service. During the first three years since its founding, it experienced an astounding growth; proof of that was the opening of 18 logistic centers, equipped to handle the requests of 10 major customers with 21 associated operations in that short period of time. The business strategies that were implemented generated favorable results when important new customers were incorporated, who highly satisfied with the quality of the service referred new customers. This growth imposed on us the challenge of growing with quality, reliability and commitment to service levels.

  • 2009 - Starting operations in Panama

    In 2009, a favorable change in the history of GROUP 3PL takes place, because after this rapid growth stage, the company established as its priority to operate within the parameters imposed by Strategic Planning, ensuring a world class service supported by a cutting edge technology, professionalism and excellence of human resources and an adequate infrastructure in the most convenient locations. At the same time and with the purpose of providing a global and regionalized service, Operations in Panama were opened in a privileged location favored by the flow of goods in transit to the entire Latin American region.

  • 2011 - Incorporating a new Management team

    Within this business orientation, in 2011 a highly experienced and professional management team, with strategic thinking and futuristic vision joins the company, and ownership becomes independent from management duties. With this step, the founders retain their executive support as Board of Directors and give way to a new phase of the company, where specialists in each area deepen the company’s technical, operational and managerial capacity.

  • 2016 - Solidity

    For the year 2016, GRUPO 3PL with over ten years of experience, has positioned itself in Venezuela and Panama as one of the great companies of Logistics Solutions with a vast experience handling primarily consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, technology and automotive. A high-level management team, a solid company with great capacity and quality infrastructure, complemented by cutting edge technology for the control and support of its operations, and a specialized human resources team, trained and continuously updated on their logistical tasks, make GRUPO 3PL the best comprehensive option offering a world-class logistics operation... See for yourself!