GRUPO 3PL has the experience, knowledge and technicality involved in logistics operation of vehicle manufacturers and the entire logistics process dynamics associated with the spare parts handling.

We offer a smart and innovative thinking around the knowledge and experience gained in this industry sector, where performance indicators and process efficiencies of our existing customers show successful outcomes.

We are fully capable of giving Comprehensive Logistics answers, with innovative services along the entire supply chain, establishing alliances with companies of this sector to meet the challenges that the market impose to these companies nowadays.

Among the notable services for this industry, we offer:

  • Managing components (tiny and loose parts).
  • Handling large pieces (doors, cabinets, tires).
  • Handling high value parts.
  • Pre-assembly of components.
  • 24 hour break down service.
  • After sales service and support to distributors in order to maintain high levels of satisfaction in their clientele.